The Scientific Committee (SC) is integrated by the Project Coordinator (Dr. Ignacio Melero) and the Principal Investigators from each implicated partner. The SC will:

  • Verify the correct development of the project work plan and where necessary, adopt appropriate action to correct deviations from the work plan. This may involve the formation of task groups to focus on specific bottlenecks.
  • Control/review results that have emerged external to the project and that may have an important influence of the project.
  • The need to protect results or IPR it arises and prior to making this information public.
  • Discuss and approve the plan for the next activity period.
  • Make decisions regarding the modifications to the work plan for approval by the commission.
  • Control/review financial progress, evaluating the project resources and further use.
  • Oversee activities by the Clinical trial coordinating committee.


  • Dr. Ignacio Melero
    Dr. Ignacio MeleroFundación para la Investigación Médica Aplicada – FIMA (Partner 1 & Coordinator)
    • Dr. Jolanda de Vries
      Dr. Jolanda de VriesRadboud university medical center- RUMC (Partner 2)
      • Dr. Andrzej Dzionek
        Dr. Andrzej DzionekMiltenyi Biotec GmbH (Partner 3)
        • Dr. David Sancho
          Dr. David SanchoCentro Nacional de Investigación Cardiovasculares - CNIC – (Partner 4)
          • Dr. José L. Pérez-Gracia
            Dr. José L. Pérez-GraciaUniversidad de Navarra -UN– (Partner 5)
            • Dr. George Coukos
              Dr. George CoukosUniversity Hospital Lausanne -CHUV (Partner 6)
              • Dr. Pedro Romero
                Dr. Pedro RomeroLudwig Center for Cancer Research –UNIL (Partner 7)